This Kid’s Gotta Whole Loada Ambition! Our Degree Show Day Out

It’s that time of year again when arts students up and down the country unveil their final exhibitions, showcasing their graduate artwork to the world!

Myself and the littlest member of the family decided to take a trip to Manchester Metropolitan University to go and check out this year’s degree show exhibition.

First stop. The cafe. Because we’re all about the snacks!

Manc23 (1 of 1)

Once we’d managed to prise ourselves away from the food we headed for the artwork.

 There was the weird and wonderful!



 The crazy and colourful!



The cute and the captivating!



Small-scale work alongside large, imposing art.



We had our faves and a few pieces really stood out.

The colours and textures of these large-scale banners by Romilly Tucker are beautiful and so striking. They are hung in the cafe area and created a beautiful backdrop as we munched!



Mini concertina books by Hannah Williams.  So delicate and full of fascinating lines, patterns and textures.



These mini ceramic figures by Danielle Rhoda are completely charming and full of character. We wanted to take them home!



Deliciously textural cityscapes by Elise Milburn are just gorgeous!

Elise Milburn Illustration

I think you’ll agree that Amy Pham ‘s energetic artwork is pretty spectacular!



Ooooh, that COLOUR and those MARKS. Gorgeous! Just looking at it makes me want to start throwing some paint around! And you really should check out her Instagram feed, as it is a riot of wonderful colour and pattern – a joy to look at and so inspiring!

Not to be outdone by all the wonderful artwork on show my little fella did a lot of his own ‘performance art.’ He definitely has a signature move!




(Please note that due to the nature of having a small person in tow I couldn’t make notes about all of the artwork that I have referenced above, so, unfortunately, there are a couple of instances where I cannot credit individual artists.)

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