Bubbletastic Blooms!

A sunny day not so long ago myself and the littlest member of the family decided to get into the garden and throw some paint around!

Inspired by all the beautiful blooms springing up in the wonderfully warm weather we decided to create some of our own.

We got paint & washing up liquid and mixed them together.

We then got a straw and blew some bubbles into our painty mixtures. (Remember to blow NOT suck!!)

Bubbletastic Blooms
Bubbletastic Blowing!
Bubbletastic Blooms
Blooms or Brains?!

We used a couple of different colours and layered them on the paper.

We did think that our bubble art resembled a brain, but decided to focus on creating some flowers instead!

We found some leaves. We looked at the different shapes, felt the textures and talked about the patterns. We then drew some on our flower.

Bubbletastic Blooms
Really concentrating on drawing leaves.

After a little bit of snippin’ an’ stickin’ our beautiful bubbletastic blooms were complete!

Bubbletastic Blooms
Ta-Dah! Beautiful Bubbletastic Blooms!


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