A Little Bit Bookish!

I am an avid advocate of the importance of keeping a sketchbook.

I have many completed ones that are stuffed full & several on the go at any one time. I find great value in having a sketchbook – a place to doodle, scribble, write.

These books are many things to me – somewhere to flesh out little germs of ideas;  a place to experiment with new materials; a keeper of important info; a boredom buster on a long journey.

I’ve always enjoyed making books, mainly concentrating on creating sketchbooks that I can use for my own artwork. In this very digital age there is something lovely about a book. Don’t get me wrong, I use digital techniques in my illustrations & love the flexibility and potential that they provide. But I also enjoy the simplicity of sitting down with a sketchbook and pencil and seeing what happens.

When making a book I tend to use a combination of cartridge paper, my old drawings and found materials, such as discarded packaging, envelopes. letters….etc. I like the combination of having new, unblemished paper side by side with the varying textures of the recycled ones and then the surprise of an old drawing to work on top of! I also like to experiment with book structures and play around with more sculptural forms.




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